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Java • JavaScript • Node.js • TypeScript • Spring • Spring Boot • React • Express • J2EE • Vue • Backbone • AngularJS

Designed for Full Stack Developers


Intelligent code completion for Java, JavaScript, Node.js & TypeScript.


Debugger for Java, JavaScript, Node.js and TypeScript.


Editor for 120+ programming languages.

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Features of CoreIDE

Best free IDE for full stack developers

If you are a full stack developer then you will find CoreIDE the best free IDE designed specially for you. Here is a list of top feature that CoreIDE provides:

  • Editor for 120+ programming languages
  • Intelligent code completion for Java
  • Code completion for JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript and React(JSX)
  • Supports frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Express etc.
  • Syntax validator for Java, JavaScript and Node.js
  • Debugger for Java, JavaScript, Node.js and TypeScript
  • Autocomplete for HTML, CSS and SQL
  • Compatible with Maven based projects
  • Inbuilt terminal
  • Black theme
  • Simplified design
CoreIDE Black Theme

CoreIDE is a full stack IDE for Java, JavaScript, Node.js and TypeScript developers who work on Spring, Spring Boot, React, Express, Vue, Backbone, AngularJS and other web framework based applications. The IDE is not only limited to web development, you can use it to develop other type of projects like desktop, command line, mobile or stand alone applications. It's free Community version contains all the available features.

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CoreIDE Community version contains all the features, it can be used by individual developers and enterprises.

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Getting started with CoreIDE

Need more help? Please visit the CoreIDE Wiki for more articles. You can also report an issue or request a new feature.